Dead Man’s Chest

I finished them!!!

IMG_0440 IMG_0439 IMG_0443 IMG_0444I figured they were probably on a suitably jungly desert island, so the tentacles should be ‘tropical’. Also, I haven’t done enough transitions since reapercon, and I need to work on that some more. Got to get to bed, today was day 1/5 of working, so I have a long week! Can’t wait till Tuesday for Reaper Bones III!!!!!!!!!! Gonna get that Tianot.


6 thoughts on “Dead Man’s Chest

  1. Great figure. I assume the tentacles are a conversion/scratch built? What about the ‘dead man’s chest’…is it a stock fig or heavily modified?

    I’ll parrot others and say the colour work on the tentacles is wonderful.

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    1. Hey, thanks!
      The tentacles are from a sprue of reaper monster parts or something. Bits box, ftw! But the rest is all one piece, also from reaper, called dead man’s chest. ☺ the only modification was to make it large, and add the tentacles.


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