Not a painting update, but…



In other news, tomorrow is Reaper Bones 3 Day. I cannot wait! 10 am can’t come fast enough! Although I will probably be exhausted, because tonight I’m going to see what is sure to be a horrible movie at the theater with like 26 of my girlfriends from work… Should be tolerable because there will be booze and food. 😉 We’ll see.
So, I’m driving an hour, working 12, driving 30 minutes to the theater, watching a 2 or 3 hour movie, and driving an hour home. Then I will wake up at 0430 to come back to work all over again.

I will probably hate everything, so Bones 3 is going to be my light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

I already talked to the Hubs, and the plan is that we are getting Tianot. Whatever dollar amount that means, he’s going to be ours. I think I’m going to back the core set, and then add in money as we go to keep the excitement up. If I just pledge $500 right off the bat, I feel like I’ll be more likely to get kickstarter fever (that’s a thing) and want to add more money as we go. Then I’ll go over my tentative budget before I even know what Tianot is going to take to get…And I can pledge to help us reach goals. It will feel cooler to me. So there.

What do you think? Are you going all in for Bones 3 or cherrypicking?


2 thoughts on “Not a painting update, but…

  1. I may dodge this one. I have 2 sets of Bones to paint yet. There’s not much in the core set that is catching my attention, I suppose the stretch goals could change, but I may just snipe a few specific items.

    Working 12 hours and going to the theatre with 26 female friends. Sounds like healthcare…

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