Kobolds and a WIP

So, the Midget was sick today with some kind of viral tummy bug, and I ended up staying home. I got a LOT done too! I worked on a little vignette from Reaper that I love, and finished up the kobolds for HOTDQ. It was a good time!

These are the kobolds that I finished up. Batch painted them in about 3.5 hours.

IMG_0428 IMG_0426 IMG_0431 IMG_0429Before I did them, I worked on that vignette. It is called “Dead Man’s Chest”. But, after painting it all up, I realized that it was too big for a medium base, and too small for a large base. So, I would have to do some sculpting if I wanted it to be anything other than just stuck on there… So I did!! I think it turned out pretty nice! It’s not done yet, but I envision it being fairly epic. 🙂 WIP pictures to follow.

20150701_10013020150701_161555 20150701_155153 20150701_161430


Okay, I’m bad at WIP photos… heh. I wanted a familiar or something like it, and couldn’t find one to take up that blank space on the left.. then I found the tentacles, and thought they would be hilarious! They picked a bad place to plant that treasure! Random encounter table got em!20150701_120351

This is how bad I am at getting paint on the miniature. I usually cover my hand, but my foot!? That is just ridiculous! I played with our airbrush for the first time today, and that’s what I painted. 😉 Anyways, hope y’all enjoyed it!


4 thoughts on “Kobolds and a WIP

  1. HoserCanadian says it best about the vignette – it tells a great story. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

    Those kobolds are impressive too – I was proud of finishing 1 model in 3 hours – let alone 18! I am really impressed with the eyes especially – I know how tiny those kobolds are & you did an amazing job!

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