Pathfinder sea dragon WIP

Fresh off of reapercon, I’m using my new skills! I went to Michael Proctor’s kick-ass colors class, and I needed to get this dragon done for, so presto!
I’m working on a water theme,  going to saturate a few more colors and maybe do some more blending, but this is the theme I’m going with for now.  Hope you like it!




My new lights,  camera, and hangar 18 backdrops should be in soon to go in my new light box I built,  so better pictures soon!  After looking at all my options on Amazon, I decided that I could make a better, more solid light box myself with just some pvc and sheets… So I did! I’ll have to take a picture once it’s all done so y’all can see.  It was so easy, and it is much sturdier than any of the ones I could find online. Considering I don’t need it to be easily transportable, this is a great option!
C&c always welcome and appreciated, let me know what you think!


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