Tile Work!

The Hubs bought some dungeon tiles at Reapercon, and he wanted me to paint them up!

They’re actually a lot of fun! It took me about 5 hours, but they’re all done now! I’m going to start working on the tables/bar/cups/etc, that he bought as well, but I thought I’d put these pictures up now.


This was my audience. Ambush did not approve of the fact that I was not petting him.


Doors!!! They took a while, but I was so pleased with how well these new brushes worked!!! I got some real Kolinsky sable brushes…. Kuro made me use his during his eye class, and it worked so well I had to get some! So I bought some DaVinci’s and I got my W&N one in this morning! I didn’t realize how much of a difference they would make!20150504_231205 20150504_231225

The doors in play! The dungeon tiles were so cool!20150504_192743 20150504_192750This is what my hands look like after dry brushing and sealing all those tiles!

I forgot to add these earlier, but these are the minis we worked on in some of my classes.


Eyes with Kuro.20150504_234235 20150504_234228 20150504_234223

Blending with Brice Cocaneur, and Kickass colors with Michael Proctor.

They were fantastic! I learned so much!


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