Weeeeee’re heeeeeeeeeeere!

We’re at reapercon!!!
I’ll recap after, because I’m sure I’ll be having too much fun, but I’m gonna try to keep everything updated as much as I can!
Got all the entries packed into a box. Well, onto the lid, and then but the box over it, ingenious, right?!
Then we drove.


And drove.


And drove!! The traffic and construction on I 45 are awful!


But then, we saw Madisonville! Yay! Buc-ees, a taste of home!



We stopped, got jerky, and moved on! We had places to be!
Then we got there! (I forgot to take a picture, too much bouncing!)
And I’m so glad we packed an extra suitcase! We already could fill it up Halfway just from the meet and greet!!




Swag! Lookit! Look at all of its majesty!!
This is going to be awesome.


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