T minus 3 days

So, in 3 days we will be at Reapercon!!!!! Seeing as I am working the next 2 days (on day 3/5 right now!) it will be interesting to manage to get my last touchups done.

I have no new pictures, since I haven’t completed anything. Hopefully tonight I can do a few things, and then tomorrow night I can stay up a bit and paint the last few things.

I am transporting my dioramas and minis by sticky-tacking them to a 1/2″ sheet of lucite. Since we are planning on driving up there with the top of the jeep down, I’m going to cut the sheet so that one of my large rubbermaid boxes can sit over it without anything moving. This should prove interesting. 🙂

I’m hoping to get a few single minis painted too, so we’ll see how bad my days are. Maybe I’ll get up really early the next few days to paint before work.

We’ll see…. pictures to follow when that happens. 😉


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