Wet palette to go!

I was going through all my Reapercon stuff today to make sure I was ready…Got my cool case, got my cool Moleskine notebook to take notes in (I’m a note-taker, don’t judge), my schedule, and my minis picked out!20150326_172400

Yay! Minis! I have about 15 of them.. I figured, I’m taking 6 classes where I’ll actually be painting something, I need at least 2 for each class, so that’s 12. And then I couldn’t decide between a couple.. So, 15 it is. 🙂

Then I got to thinking, I need a way to transport a wet palette! Oh no!!

I know Jessica Rich uses a cool little card case, and I have several of those, but I need MOAR SPACE! So, I went to hobby lobby (it’s dangerous to have one so close) and found the answer! Jewelry gift boxes!

20150326_172115 20150326_172108 20150326_172104I am currently modge-podging them to make it waterproof, but it fits in the top of the craft box, and I can put a lid on it and roll!!

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!! Can’t wait!


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