D(io)rama Continues!!

I had a bunch of time to work on this today, and I think it’s almost what I will call finished!! The basing, that is. I still have to finish all the minis. and sand and seal the wood. And touch up some stuff… Okay, it’s not done, but I am close!!

So, WIP time! I actually took pictures!

20150325_162831 20150325_162521Heavy drybrush of lighter greys. How heavy? Well, I don’t use paper to blot my brush, but the back of my hand.. Usually this is not a problem.. Today however…

20150325_160636That heavy. 🙂 Then I inked the rockslide and did some more drybrushing as well as added some green ‘moss’ effect to the bottom of the rocks.

20150325_160621I was going for an effect like this…

monstrous-creature-ovelooking-mountain-rangeI think I ended up with it, too! Then I added the grasses and shrubbery and superglue+packing foam that I like so much. And I discovered that the Army Transport case foam I had turns green when it hits superglue. How convenient!!

20150325_171941 20150325_171946Then I went outside to get a picture of it in the sun. And it looks so much better out there! I want to do all my painting outside!!

20150325_174213 20150325_174209

Also, my hand now looks like this..


Only one (well, two) problem…


Anyways, that’s what I did today!! I also went running with my Bud and the dogs, and did laundry, and bought some groceries, and cooked dinner, but that’s not nearly as cool as this. 🙂 Off I go to sand!!!


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