Spirit of the Forest

So, Monday’s miniature is the Spirit of the forest, so I gave him a shot. I’m working the next 5 days, so I wanted to get him done and sent in tonight. I enjoyed painting this guy for the most part. It was a little tough to see where some of the details were (bones…), but I think he’ll be a good addition to the D&D table!

Problems with this guy included: some lack of detail, a downturned face, and fighting my backdrop. I’m not sure why a lot of the larger minis are facing down (I guess to be looking at PCs?), but it makes it difficult to photograph them, fo sho.

20150327_210309 20150327_210304 20150327_210315 20150327_210121 20150327_210037

See? I even have pictures of him on a black background because I was trying to see how much of my difficulty was the background color!

I’m procrastinating on my dioramas… which is probably a bad idea, seeing as I only have 12 days off between now and then….. I work better under stress though…. Maybe… GAH! I have no motivation to get them done.. I will find some in the next few days… Right?


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