I have made progress!!!

It’s so exciting!!

My diorama base is moving along nicely. I went with one of my girlfriends today and picked up a bunch of rocks and miscellany to add to it, and we had a ball! So, the basecoat is done, check out it’s majesty! Only 40 hours sunk into this! lol

PhotoGrid_1427255539507So, onto the painting! I painted a drider. Because, reasons. However, her face is all kinds of boned.. (get it, boned?!) They really made a remarkable change to the bones 2 formulation. 3 of the minis I’m about to post have some serious issues, and they’re all from KS1. So, the drider.

PhotoGrid_1427255554484 PhotoGrid_1427255582296 PhotoGrid_1427255568674While I’m working on my Reapercon entries, I’m just doing some simple table-top stuff to kind of relieve pressure. So she was fun, even with no nose.

Then our 11 year old wanted to run some Pathfinder, so he wanted me to paint the iconic characters that I had laying around. Since the Hubs and I decided to play a sorcerer, witch, rogue, and barbarian, I grabbed those minis. The barbarian is my favorite, I painted her several months ago. The others were quick, tabletop jobs. I plan to go back and clean them up sometime, but for now they’re done. The rogue (her name is Merisiel, but we call her “Not as cool as Lidda”) had her face completely lumpy/blown off. So I decided to paint a mask on her and try to make the best of a bad situation. Seoni got boiled 3 different times to try and stop her serious scoliosis, but to no avail.


Rar! I love Amiri. I seriously consider buying her in pewter every time I look at her. I just love her!


Witch! Too many buckles.. 🙂

PhotoGrid_1427255692505PhotoGrid_1427255678885 PhotoGrid_1427255609180PhotoGrid_1427255630654

Hokey pokey!

Anyways, hope you enjoyed. They were a nice little diversion in the middle of basing/painting/etc. I’ve got tomorrow off too, so I’m hoping to get a lot of work done on my base tomorrow!


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