Ghoul Queen and Minions

So, surgery is scheduled for Monday! yay! Also, I was able to get out of bed and go see the surgeon today without a huge amount of excruciating pain! Yay twice! I have to go for some pre-op stuff tomorrow at 0700, but after that I can relax and enjoy having the Hubs home and to myself for a few more days!

Anyways, I got this chica painted up and finished today. She and her minions were a lot of fun! I got to make little gravestones out of plasticard, which is always fun. I also got to use my new modeling paste, which I really like! I am all hopped up on painkillers, so I hope that they look as good to y’all as they do to me!! Enjoy!

20150305_233047[1] 20150305_233312[1] 20150305_233334[1]

I’m hoping to feel this good tomorrow, and maybe get some more stuff done!


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