Gallstones and delays

So,  2 days ago,  my back hurt so badly that I woke my husband up at 0500 and told him something was wrong. However,  as an ER nurse,  I am honor bound to not go to the ER unless I’m dying. At about 0800 I decided I was dying,  and onto the ER we went. Turns out,  I have gallstones, and I have to have my gallbladder out here soon. The only problem is,  I only have gallstones,  and since I don’t have an infected gallbladder,  I just have to get it done outpatient. Which means I called the general surgeon 2 days ago,  have an appointment for a consultation tomorrow,  and will probably schedule surgery for Monday. This means I am on a clear liquid and pain meds diet until then. This is a sneaky kind of pain… I feel fine when I’m laying down watching Netflix, but as soon as I go to stand up, I remember why that’s a bad plan because it hurts reeeeeeeal bad. :-/

So,  I haven’t painted much,  because the combination of pain while standing,  and pain meds that make my eyes a little blurry make it difficult. Anyways,  we had a Monday miniature this week, it was something I painted several months ago. It was kind of cool to see how far I’ve come. PhotoGrid_1425226786176

Hopefully,  I can get up in the next couple of days and do something. We’ll see.


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