WIP: Narthrax pt. 2

I finished him!!!!

3 hours on the dragon, 3 hours on the wings. Whoo…**wipes brow**

So, I’m going to make you scroll alllll the way to the bottom in the hopes someone reads this. 😉


This is how the wings started. I held it up to the light so I could see where the light fell, and try to use that to do my highlights. I looked at bat wings, and the problem is, they don’t have a lot of contrast..ever. So I just kind of made it up. 🙂


This is what they looked like after about an hour. Seriously. It might have been 2. I stopped counting and I am too lazy to look at the time signatures. So there.


This is him done!!! Behold, mighty Narthrax, my first dragon, 6 hours of my life gone! 😀 He’s on the reaper show-off forums too if you wanna check that out for different pictures.


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