Day off!!

Yay! I had a day off!!

Also, I feel like death. I have the whole ‘seasonal allergies/can’t breathe’ thing. Bleh.

But I got 2 barbarians done, a lizardman, and a cave/swamp troll done. So, not too shabby.

The first barbarian, Kord is for the Monday Miniature.. Mine was a little late, but I made it!

20150203_195543[1] 20150203_195526[2] 20150203_195506[1] 20150203_195354[2] 20150203_195340[2] 20150203_195329[2] 20150202_184315[1] 20150202_184133[1] 20150202_184145[1] 20150202_184302[1]

Whew! Working on several more.. And I might have a total of about 10 more minis on the way. Maybe…:D


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