Dwarfy Dwarfy Dwarf!

Continuing to get ready for painting the diorama I’m going to make, I started work on the color scheme I’m going to use. It’s going to be this rich, Liche purple and a nice Swamp Green up to yellow coloring. The only problem I had was highlighting the purple.. It turns into this pinky/lavender color that I’m not a fan of. When I posted this guy to the forum I got some great advice! I’m gonna work some more on getting my purple down, because the green actually worked out really, really well!

I’m working another 5 days in a row, so I’m going to try and make some time to paint some more this week, but I might not get time until Tuesday.

I have this awful problem… I have about 100-150 bones 1 minis left, and I still buy/ and WANT to buy, MOAR. Also, I have at least 300 new minis coming from Bones 2 here very soon… and I just want to buy them! Reaper has crack built into their minis. 😉 someone buy me more minis.


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