Work in Progresses

So, today I started a few new things. I got to cracking on my diorama for Reapercon, and discovered that my beautiful, beautiful Skadi was cracked. 😦 On the plus side, I emailed Reaper, and within an hour they shipped me a new one!! So great! Also, that gave me a chance to paint on her without worrying about ruining the one I was going to submit! So, I started playing around with colors and jewels. This is her bear hammer… I think it turned out pretty cool. And it will be even better when I do it for real!


I also started practicing some OSL on my large earth elemental. 20150204_134027[1] 20150204_134016[1] 20150204_134013[1]

I think it’s not too shabby for my first time. i’m working on cleaning it up and getting it where light would naturally fall.

So that’s what I did today, Working tomorrow and Friday, so more on Saturday!!


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