WhoO! I’ve been working a LOT. Working nights means no time to paint when I get home, I just pass smooth out. Good news tho, tomorrow is my last night shift!!! YAY!!!

So, this is my jabberwocky, I painted him a few weeks ago. He was my pre-Bones-2-dragon-influx mini. I wanted to make sure I could do wings and scales with a modicum of proficiency. He has bent quite a bit since I based him… I decided he is swooping down to eat something… That makes it better. 😉

I really loved that his wings had scars and holes in them, looks like he has had a bit of a rough time of it, but survived to eat dwarves!!

I was really excited, because he made it into the Reaper Inspiration Gallery! 🙂
20150113_181021 20150113_181012

So, I don’t only paint naked women. I promise… These girls were really cool, they’re that clear green resin, so they’re taking shape as they come out of the summoning circle. I really liked the fact that the top one seems to be comforting the other two. These may not be the best pictures, but this mini turned out pretty cool. I will probably go back sometime and make the summoning circle cooler, but I was kind of over it that day. 🙂

20150113_181431 20150113_181340 20150113_181420

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for right now. I will post my blacksmith tomorrow, he’s the miniature for Miniature Monday over at Caffeineforge. Have a great one!


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