Last Graveyard!

So, tonight is my last graveyard shift, and it has been a doozy!

Wow. So, the plan is: eat breakfast with the girls after work, drive home, change into pajamas,


I am seriously starting to itch.. I haven’t touched paint in 5 days!!!

I did send in my Monday Miniature at Caffeineforge. It was the blacksmith this week. 🙂 When I get home to my computer, I will update with pictures of him. I painted him a few weeks ago as a kind of speedpaint. So he’s not spectacular, but he’s not awful.

I got a bunch of new minis last week (I don’t have a problem, I can stop anytime I want). I got some new orcs (3 pack, baby!) for d&d since Hubs says he never has enough orcs, and please stop painting kobolds. I got 2 new pirate models, Elizabeth and Captain Kerdak Bonefist, and then 2 really cool casualty markers.

And, then this week I ordered the dwarves and bases for my planned entry to Reapercon!!! When I have the minis and/or the idea solidified, I’ll post something of a WIP. SPoiLERs: It includes a dragon, and does not include anything to do with the Hobbit.

Anyways, back to the insanity. I can’t wait to get home to my desk.


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