Troll Kings and Pretty Ladies!

So, it’s 3 am and I’m awake on my day off. Night shift is fun. 😉

But, I took a moment to take some pictures of some of my other minis from the year.


This is my Troll King! He’s a big guy, and was a great time to paint! I ended up pulling his arms off and then painted him, then reattached it. His base is a wooden disc I got from hobby lobby and cork cut and painted to look like planking. I really like doing that base. 🙂


This is my wuxia-inspired, “Bride with white hair” miniature. I posted her to Miniatures Monday last week. I’ve been working on white now for a couple minis. The white here is a ‘cold white’ so it starts with the dark blue that is on her pants, and works up to white. It was an interesting process, and takes like 10 coats. I thought her anime eyes worked out particularly well.


Last, but not least, this is my cool Tomb King-esque mummy Lich. He ha a scarab on his back, but I didn’t do a very good job on it… Gonna have to go back over that sometime and make it pretty. I love setting him on the table with all the other mummies I’ve painted and watching everyone freak. 🙂

I think my next post will be all my hordes. The mummies, zombies, goblins, and kobolds!!


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