Flesh golem, animated

So, I finished my flesh golem, he is awesome! I didn’t think he had enough stitching, and I wanted each different flesh tone to be markedly different. I painted a GW haemonculus once for his Dark Eldar army, and his cloak inspired me with this golem. (Go look at him here).


I also finished my dwarven shieldmaiden, Thera Stonebones. She is awesome. I made her base to look like lava, It’s a great resin base made by Secret Weapon. These bases are neat because they can be made to look like water, lava, or just rocks. See how cool they are?!


Lastly, this is my naked girl. WARNING: NUDITY AHEAD.

This succubus was an experiment for me. I wanted to try out a leopard print tutorial I found online. Who is more entitled to leopard print than a succubus? I think her eyes came out a little funky, but who’s looking at those? 🙂


So, that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Also, I posted to the “Resolutionary Challenge” on Reaper’s forums, and the “Beauty Contest“. I’ll work on keeping this updated to match that so I can track how many minis I’m painting every month. This is FUN!!!

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