Day Off!!

So, tomorrow (today… you know) I have a day off to paint and take more pictures!!! Working graveyards means prioritizing things differently. Awesome things include getting to paint all night while the Hubs sleeps, so most weeks I have at least one night where I can paint for up to 12 hours uninterrupted. Not awesome things include missing everything fun.

I should be getting another shipment of  Reaper paints and minis soon (EEEEE!!) so that should keep me occupied (No honey, those are not new minis… I’ve had them for weeks!!) I am also starting to replace my old GW paints with the Reaper lines. Most of my GW paints are at least 4 years old, so they require some significant thinning. Although the metallics are in fairly good shape, except for the Boltgun Metal, which is of course my favorite. Also, I find that the squeezy bottles are much easier to use than the “get-the-paint-on-a-toothpick” method with my wet palette. Good thing I found a giant bottle of Matte Medium on sale at hobby lobby!! It’s my favorite thing to use, and it’s significantly cheaper to buy a big bottle as opposed to the small droppers of ‘drying retardant’ or whatever.

Segueing to wet palettes, I found an awesome tutorial for an easy, cheap one. I have been using this method for several months, and I haven’t had to replace my supplies at all. Check it out!(

Before I can start new ones though, I have to finish the flesh golem: 

He’s for the Miniature Monday at David had a really fun idea, and is kind enough to host the pictures on his site. Every week we paint the same bones mini, and it’s really cool to see  how everyone comes up with something a little different. 🙂

Well, that’s all the shameless plugs I have time for tonight. Time to go scrounge in the break room for sweets that I left at home so I couldn’t eat them right now…. Maybe I have a yogurt….