Last for the night?

More minis!!

This is my undead horde! Mummies, mummies, and a lich! These were fun to paint. Layer of paint, ink wash,  layer of paint, ink wash, then fine line. I just realized my finger is making an appearance in this picture.. My bad!

Mummy horde!

These guys are made out of red, clear resin! Same as the green, a little stiffer. I haven’t do this much dry brushing since I speed-painted Warhammer armies. They’re going to be great for D&D. It’s fun to watch the looks of horror on the players’ faces when Hubby brings out some other cool mini I’ve painted recently. Lately, he has taken to just pulling something cool out to scare us. 🙂


So, kobolds, orcs, and goblins!  You can never have enough, so I painted a LOT of them. We now have 20 kobolds, 16 goblins, and 16 orcish things. They’re so small, I usually paint them in batches of sprues of 3. I’ll go through one set, and while they’re drying start working on another set.

HordesI think this will be the last post for the night. I need to take more pictures tomorrow (I got an awesome new photo setup for Christmas, so i’m redoing some of the older, not so good pictures).

Have a great night!


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