Dwarves and Rogues

3 more, and GO!

This is a really cool chick. She is actually molded out of the green, clear resin inserted of the white resin. It’s a little stiffer and it takes color better. The trick with them, is that if you get paint on a spot you meant to leave clean it’s harder to cover up. You can’t just paint over it.  Overall,  I enjoy them a lot. With this mini,  you can also see one of the biggest problem with bones,  the lack of noses! Ghost Lady

I love this dwarf. His posture is a little funky, and he has a peg leg, so it made basing difficult. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to base him either, so if you look carefully, you can see the tiles underneath the treasure chest lid. I wanted it to look like a  great big treasure chest, so I used half of a GW barrell, some green stuff, and my trusty scalpel! He was a lot of fun to play with.

Dwarf PirateThis miniature was nostalgic for me. I painted her about 5 years ago in pewter, as a character in a D&D game we were playing. This miniature was painted to be one of her ‘daughters’ (clones). I greenstuffed the oni masks onto her knee cops. It was a great time!

6 down, about 100 left to go!


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