Bones and Beginnings (pt. 2)

So,  first minis post.

This is Captain Stonebones. He is based on cork,  cut and painted to look like board planking. He was a lot of fun to paint! I actually ordered 2 of him on accident, before I realized I had one from the vampire set! So,  he will have 2 brothers eventually. Captain Stonebones

This is my barbarian,  Birgitte. She is a beast on paper and on her mini. I need to work on my non-metallic metals (NMM),  right now they’re just lazy.  She is based on a conglomeration of cork and most of the different basing materials I have. I kind of just had a ball. 

BirgitteThis is my dragonslayer! I love her! I’m not sure what was going on with her hair. Is that a crown? Is it hair pointies? I have no idea. But I thought the Dragon came out well! Dragonslayer

So,  I figure 3 pictures at a time… Trying to limit myself! Enjoy!


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