Bones and Beginnings

So, I like to paint miniatures. A lot.

I started painting minis several years ago, but then nursing school and work happened, and I stopped for a long time. Then this year, I found out about Reaper’s Bones kickstarter, and picked up the Vampire box set from them. And I loved them! So much that I went and found their Bones 2 kickstarter, and ordered as much of those as my Hubby would let me!

As I’ve been painting them, I’ve been taking pictures and posting them on my FB. However, I think my family might kill me if I post any more pictures. So then I started posting on the Reaper Forums (which are full of amazingly talented, very kind, helpful people. Such a great crowd!), but I didn’t want to spend all day blowing up their show-off forum, it felt rude. I told myself, “I am not egocentric enough to make a blog just to talk about things I have painted and done,” and when I said that, I realized I was wrong. 😉

(I have no idea how to write a blog. I feel like a four year old with a new friend, who wants to tell them everything forever. 🙂 )

So, about painting! I really like the ‘bonesium’ that bones are made of for several reasons, but it is by no means perfect. I still enjoy a good, heavy, I-could-totally-kill-someone-with-this-thing, miniature. But, why don’t we talk pros and cons before I upload every picture ever of every miniature I painted last year?


  • Resin is lightweight.So what, right? It means that when you’re bent over, holding that miniature under the light for 4 hours while you paint it, it doesn’t give you hand cramps.
  • Resin cleans up much easier. While you might have flashing, you can get it off relatively easily with a hobby knife (scalpel).
  • Resin is cheaper. Generally, you can buy 3 bones minis for the price of 1 pewter. When you’re talking about painting the amount of minis I paint, that makes a difference.


  • You may not need a primer, but you definitely have to scrub those suckers before you start to paint. Also, foundation paints or HD paints still stick better for the first coat.
  • They kind of bend… Nothing like pewter, and you don’t have to worry about anything breaking off, but they still bend back. You can heat them up and bend them back, but some things you just can’t fix.

So, that’s pretty much it for my first, run-on post. I have to post the pictures I want to upload from my phone.. So I’m going to attempt that next. I hope this was interesting.. I’m really excited to try this out, and see how/where it goes!!

– marinealRose

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