Christmas gingerbread Knight

Hey! I got some painting done!

I’ve got a commission going but sometimes that feels stressful… I’ve got 5 of the 11 done so far, just keep painting!

But I decided to just knock this guy out. Took me an hour, and I am super happy with him. He’s a fun, clean sculpt by the amazing Christine van patten, and it is super satisfying to pick something up and paint it in one sitting.

I hope y’all like him! He’s a limited edition at the reaper website, so go grab him!

I’m hoping to find more time and energy someday. I’m not sure if I’ve posted about it, but we’re expecting another little boy to join our crew in April! So it’s gonna get even crazier around here. Lol

Y’all have an awesome holiday season and new year, see you soon!!


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