Reapercon Wrap up

Hey y’all!!

I’m so sorry. Life has been crazy ( like always), and I haven’t had a chance to update.

We went to reapercon and had an absolute blast! It was amazing to see the people I haven’t gotten to see in 2 years, and some for longer! I didn’t get a chance to take any classes (I’m not bitter), but it was kind of great to just get to see everyone. The Great Bearded One went home and got the Tiny Overlord on Friday so he got to come enjoy it with us too! Here comes the photo-dump, hope you’re ready.

The drive up takes us about 6 hours without any stops. But we like to stop. 🙂 So we got there Wednesday just about 5pm, and we got to go into the meat and greet. The hotel is always a nice stay, and we love being away from home lol.

Then I didn’t take any pictures for 2 days… lol

We went and got the Tiny Overlord and he loved everything! Mostly he loved that the hotel had a hide-a-bed ( he thought that was the most hilarious thing ever), and the arcade games. He talked to everyone, painted a drider, and generally ran amok. 🙂

I made some masks for Michael Proctor’s show The Crow’s Nest on my cricut to take with. They turned out pretty cute. Also, my phone got jacked by some old guys and they took a bunch of selfies. lol. We had so much fun. I sat at the Old Guy table all week, which was a ton of fun for me. 🙂

Saturday night we had an OG Forumite Sophie Says paint time, and that was an absolute blast. We used to all sit together at a big table, and it just didn’t happen this year. So it was absolutely great to have the old crew back together. These pictures are 5 years apart! Can you believe it?!

Now to the competition. I have to say, I was absolutely flabbergasted. I took my Froghemoth, my drunken mouselings, and my ogre diorama, and my goal was to get silver in all the categories I entered, and boy did I deliver. lol. I ended up with gold medals for both my diorama and painters entry ( ogres and froghemoth), and silver medals for both of my Bombshell minis. Then I got the Gold Giant Monster Manufacturer award from Reaper for my Froghemoth, the Silver Mouseling manufacturer award from Reaper, and A SILVER SOPHIE for my Froghemoth!!!

Guys, I seriously couldn’t believe it. They kept calling my name, and I kept walking up there. lol. Check all these goodies out!!!!

So, I have to make sure I don’t suck next year, like… for real. lmao

Hope y’all enjoyed the update! I should have some pretty awesome minis to paint up here soon, cause I bought a lot! I even got a super secret “No Shells” Drunken mermaid!!! :D:D:D

Let me know what y’all think, and I’d love to hear stories about your Reapercon experiences!!


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