Reaper end of year contest

Hey guys!

I entered my bust in the reaper forum contest, feel free to go check out all the awesome entries and vote!

I got a little work done on some of the corvus guys, and we had an awesome Christmas! I hope y’all had some fun with the people you love, too! We always have a combination of family and friends, and that makes me super happy. I think family should be who makes you happy, so we just pick new ones sometimes! 😁😁

I helped one of my friends do some work on stuff for her first grandbaby’s baby shower, that was fun! I saved her giant crown from getting destroyed too with the power of my terrain nerd! She had brought spray paint and I convinced her not to use it on the styrofoam. Lol.

There was spray paint and glitter everywhere. Of course it started raining as soon as we started painting. Lol. But we had the door propped open most of the time.

I also made Christmas pajamas for the whole family, 2 gingerbread houses, and cookies! Keeping the crafty stuff going! I can’t imagine why I don’t have time (energy) to paint! L

So, yeah. Lol. That’s been my time lately. Oh, and studying. Neverending studying! I better know everything when I get done with this. 🤣🤣

So, go vote! I’ll try to keep up here better, even if I’m not actually painting as many minis. Let me know if y’all are interested in seeing some of my vinyl or crochet stuff too. And let me know what you think about what I’ve posted!

Have a happy holiday season!!


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