Reapercon WIP continues

Hey there!

I’m continuing to work on my Reapercon entries! I just flew into Ohio, so I had to leave my stuff behind… But I’m flying to Florida later this week, and I plan on taking all my stuff there. We’ll be there for a week, so I’m going to check a bag or 2. I plan on putting everything into giant plastic bags and hoping for the best. If anyone has any advice, I’d take it gladly.

Anyways, I’m continuing work on the Lisa Frank velociraptor! I think he’s turning out super cute.

Then I started working on some more freehand on him, so now he looks like this!

I’m going to finish up a few things, then I’ll make up a jungle base of some sort for him to be on. He’s the closest to done. 🙂

I completed the base for my Archivist Demon, and did some more work on him. I think my lights may be too bright, they’re washing out the colors on this. I’ll try and get better pictures when I actually attach him to it.

Worked some more on my Firefly diorama’s base.


And finished up some mobs from Silver Tower. We decided they would look much cooler on the table if they were painted! Now I only have like 83 more minis to paint for that. Contrast paints, ftw!! lol



Oh! And I started on my pug!

So, that’s my excitement! I hope to have more cool stuff to show off before Reapercon hits. It’s getting close!!!



One thought on “Reapercon WIP continues

  1. Knowing how luggage handlers at the airports deal with your baggage, I’m finding bags a risky gambit. Better pack your stuff in carton boxes, and then into some plastic bags for protection, with some rope around it. Also easier to pack and carry. And weight them BEFORE you go to the airport if you don’t want any nasty surprises at the check in counter.


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