Reapercon is in ONE MONTH! (Panic WIP)

Aah! It’s so close! I have 11 planned entries, and 2 are done! hahaha!

Well, 11 is a goal. I like to hit every category to increase my chances of someone liking something. So, there’s that. Today I’m going to update y’all on 3 of my entries. My archivist demon will be my Painters entry, my chibi raptor will be my Chibi entry, and my Firefly crew is just a fun diorama.

Expect lots of pictures of this guy. I’m really working hard on doing actual, realistic shadows. Not having all the areas have the same level of shading. Highlights that makes sense. And a cool color gradient for noses, hands, and eyes. I don’t know who paints the Big Child Creative minis, but I absolutely love their style. Like, a lot.

So! Less talking! Onto the pictures!

Here’s where we start!

Moving down into the belly.

First layer of shadows and highlights. I was trying to decide if I wanted to do a pattern on his skin. I decided I’ll do some age-spotting after I get it all done. Which is terrifying, by the way. Because you do that texture on TOP of all the blending work you did. And if you screw it up…….

Testing my contrast in the face. May have to take it up a bit…But I like the direction I’m headed in!

More highlights. Not married to the blonde eyebrows, but I like the change from always doing walnut brown… So, they may be modified a bit, but stay light.

He has another hand! It’s not attached, so I always have difficulty getting the colors to match. Trying to stay on top of that by working as I go instead of waiting till the end.





Profile. Not married to the demon on his shoulder being pink. I just needed paint on him to block him in. He’s got a little bit of a rough texture, so I’m worried about him.

Trying to decide if I like the lining for wrinkly highlights. Gotta smooth a few of them out.

I swear there’s more highlights here. Maybe my pictures got out of order.. Anyways, I’m working on him more here soon. I love him so so much.

Next up is my Chibi Raptor from Impact minis. I wanted to enter in the chibi contest, and he’s one of my favorites of all time. I thought about buying more minis (cause I only have 20), but I remembered him. How cute is he?! I decided to go all Lisa Frank on him.

20190720_0637124321771338635943599.jpg20190720_0637178217863948460627130.jpgHehe! Isn’t he cute?! I can’t wait. No idea how I’m going to base him yet. But we’ll get there.


Next up is the WIP shots of my firefly crew. I found this miniatures board game on sale, and I had to do it. I bought a cool sci-fi base and scarred it all up and everything. This is just Zoe and Wash right now, they’re all in the ugly phase currently, but these 2 are a little…. less.. so? lol.

I’ve never done dark skin before, so it’s been interesting doing Zoe’s face. Also, they’re for board games, so they don’t have like the most amazingly clear details in some aspects. So, I’m working through that. I hope this will be really fun to look at when I’m done!20190720_0636575410057526627882035.jpgSorry her face is all out of focus, that’s probably for the best right now.. lol20190720_0637068984510510988922352.jpgGoing for a Hawaiian shirt look! I think it’s coming along nicely. 20190720_0637363787336232207012183.jpg20190720_0637444461232199438981964.jpgAnd that’s what I’ve got so far! I have 3 weeks off after Tuesday, and I’m hoping to get a few days to just sit down and paint!!!!! Let me know what you think, and I’ll try and get back here for a quick update more frequently.



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