Resin Completion

More technical difficulties. Super frustrating. Sorry, I hate to be that girl. 

I found the perfect size container!!! I was literally just walking around the grocery store, kind of eyeballing everything, and I saw this container!!!! It is a perfect fit for the 3 inch base, FYI!!!!


I gave him flowers in his hollowed-out hand!




I hope y’all like it. I’m not sure where the original post went, but I hope it’s happy there. 😦 I still have some serious work to do as far as ripples and highlighting and touchups. But for now, I need to not look at it. 😀






4 thoughts on “Resin Completion

  1. What a fortunate find! The sizing of the ‘mold’ is perfect. I quite like that the bubbles in the resin look like bubbles you’d actually see in a planted aquasystem….bubbling up from strange critters under the muck perhaps.
    The snake lady looks a bit too dry perhaps? Not sure if you could make her look recently emerged from the water with some selective gloss varnish application?

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    1. Sorry, my post died somewhere along the way and I didn’t see your post!
      I appreciate the input! I’m definitely planning on adding some ripples and water effects on top of this mini. I needed to look away for a bit. 🙂


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