Third fail’s the charm!

I have had back to back resin fails.

First was pretty easy to spot, incomplete mixing and didn’t set at all.

Second was my fault because I forgot how much I put of the first reagent, and guessed on the second. So it hardened all the way, except for one spot on the bottom. And it was bubble central.

third was my first attempt to make my own mold. I was fairly certain that I was going to order a silicone mold anyways, but I wanted to try it out.

cut the mold from thick plastic I got at hobby lobby, taped, and then hot glued to seal it up.

pued away from the corners at the last minute. Bah! Going to do a silicone mold that is round and that’s that! It doesn’t pull away until the very end, and then I can’t even pop bubbles or move it around.

May buy a new type of resin too, just change it up and see if that works better.

Not upset, but a bit disheartened. Especially since I had fairly good success with the first few pours.

That’s the only progress I have tonight! Sorry! Hopefully there will be more excitement tomorrow!


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