Yeti complete!

I like to call this, “The day Fred and Jim decided to replace Ed’s fur bleach with peroxide.” I present it for your viewing pleasure.

This mini was painted for Lady Storm’s contest on the reaper forums. He was a fun guy to paint up. I did come up with a little backstory while I was painting them. If you’ll indulge me. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Fred and Jim had been meaning to get back at Ed ever since last year’s “great poop incident”. Every year, at the annual Bleachening, the yetis all converge in one spot. The best yeti Bleachers come and everyone gets ready for the new snow. However, Ed tricked Jim and Fred in the immediate days afterward, and they had trouble with their dirty coats the whole rest of the year. Some idiot had even taken a picture of Jim. They had a year to plot their revenge.

They finally decided to bribe one of the more dubious of Bleachers, and he agreed to put peroxide instead of bleach into Ed’s treatment. With their plan on place, they waited.


Hope y’all enjoyed that. I have a few other things on my table right now, hopefully I’ll get around to sharing them!


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