Yeti contest

Hello! How are ya? School +baby+work will kick your butt. I’m telling ya. So, I’m off school for a few more weeks, decided to try to squeeze some painting in!

When I managed to peek at the reaper forums, I saw this guy was a contest! And it’s due like tomorrow, so I figured I’d give it a go!

here’s where we started! He had some pretty significant mold likes, but such is bones. 😉

decided to go with Grey liner for the base. I’m trying to avoid the normal white fur with blue skin motif. I hadn’t decided at this point what exact color scheme I was going with though.

and here he is after a few coats of paint and changes of scheme! I’m gonna go with a blonde-ish look.

More to come! Sorry for the long spaces between posts.. Life and whatnot.


4 thoughts on “Yeti contest

  1. Nice! I don’t mind a bit of speed painting myself. I don’t have that Yeti, but I recently painted the cyber ape from the Bones I range, though I went with a darker overall colour (partly for speed!).

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