Reapercon Entry

Hey everyone!

I’ve been busy… I’ll be 20 weeks pregnant on Wednesday! Between school, work, and Owen (baby Evans’ name) I’ve been a little preoccupied! But I have managed to paint some stuff, and I have decided on at least on Reapercon entry!

So, first, Growl. I painted this guy to be the representation of a character the Hubs played in a D&D game a while back. He was an animal companion that was awakened with the Awaken spell, and then banished to an island. He was cool, but couldn’t talk, so we called him Growl cause that’s the sound he made. 🙂

He was fun to paint, and I tried to make him a darker grizzly color.

I have been working on a piece for a bit now, she’s the Reaper Silver anniversary mini for June ( I think, she’s not on the website at the moment…), and I love her! I’m working on making sure I get plenty of contrast, so I took some black and white pictures too..

I think I’m going to call her dress, and bodice done for now, and start to focus on the dragon and her skin. I’ve got to get her hair done as well as the jewel in it, so there’s plenty left to be done!

I also started thinking about basing. I got all these cool graveyard pieces, and I really would like to use at least some of them, so I’m thinking of putting her on a hill of some sort, and using one of the fence pieces. Fair warning, if you want to weather one of these, don’t forget they’re hollow!!

So, that’s where I’m at right now. I’m hoping to be able to work on these some more in the next few days, and to get some more direction on the basing. I’m not just in love with anything, so I need to fall in love with something.

I also need to find some other things to paint for entries too. I don’t necessarily want to use bones figures, since their details get a little muddy sometimes. But maybe something like the purple worm could turn out pretty cool. Anyways, that’s where I’m at now!

Oh! And I signed up for all my Reapercon classes! The Hubs is joining me again, and we got our VIP passes.  I’ll be doing Advanced Basing, Glazed Over, Blending via Textures, Translucent Fabrics, Fluid Filled Objects, and Shaded Metallics. The Hubs is taking classes this year too!! He’s taking Green Stuff Basics, Fundamentals of Sculpting, and zBrush for Miniatures. He wants to take some classes on sculpting and see what he can put together.

Let me know what you think, or if we have some classes together!



8 thoughts on “Reapercon Entry

  1. That’s a great endorsement! I really think it’ll be a fantastic class. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect mini for it sometime.
    I really wasn’t impressed with Scarby the one time we went, I guess we just know what we like. lol. But I have to say, a Bastrop fall trip sounds amazing. We went there, and then up to Enchanted Rock one year and really enjoyed both places. We are planning on doing our normal camping/King’s Feast weekend on the opening weekend this year, so I won’t be gigantic (we hope!) And our “leather guy’ is working on something for me so I can still be in some kind of a costume. 😉
    I did miss the comment, but that is really exciting! I love having new people get to see our obsession, I mean hobby. If she needs anything, let me know. I have about a million minis laying around that I”ll never get to paint.


  2. Congratulations! I hope Baby Owen doesn’t decide to show up early. Proctor’s Basing and Metallics classes are both wonderful. I”m taking his Crazy Colors class this year. You’re reminding me that I need to get to work on my entries. Have you thought about doing any non-Reaper entries, such as Scale75 or Bombshell?

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    1. Thanks!! We’re hoping to last until at least early December. Got a bunch of stuff to get done! Lol
      I took his kick ass colors class one time, and it was amazing! I can’t wait to get his insight on basing and Metallics (two of my less than strong suits).
      I have some bombshell minis I have considered, but I haven’t really found anything but the girl I’m currently working on that has just grabbed me.
      Can’t wait to see you again this year! I’m bringing the Hubs again, so that’s exciting. Also, will y’all be at trf at all?


      1. I still have the piece I made in Proctor’s basing class from two years ago. One of these days I’ll put an actual mini on it. It just sits in my display cabinet waiting for me to finish it.
        TRF isn’t on the schedule for this year. We went to Scarborough this Spring (hadn’t been in several years), and that satiated our faire-going. Instead, we’re going to our favorite state park, Bastrop, for a Fall trip. Are y’all going to TRF? Do they make maternity leathers? 🙂
        I”m guessing you missed my comment on a really old post you did back in May. It’s my fault for not following along in a timely manner. I’m bringing a coworker to ReaperCon this year who wants to get into mini painting. I’m really excited to introduce the hobby to her.

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