Reapercon: T-minus 17 Days

Whew! I have 2 entries finished, and at least 3 more I’d like to get done… So I’m in crunch mode! I also managed to schedule myself to work Monday -Sunday this week somehow.. So that’s fun. The good news is that my statistics class will be over at the end of this week. Hallelujah. Then I have like 3 weeks off until my next semester starts. So the oops on the part of the college ended up helping me a bit anyways.

I have some WIP pictures for you, since I was actually able to sit down and paint today. First off, I made a box of leaves from my new leaf punch! It’s so cool! The Midget and I picked out a bunch of leaves and I demolished them!

20161002_170340.jpgHow cool is that?! So now I have a bunch of leaves for all the bases I’m thinking of. I may sit down and punch a bunch more to give out at Reapercon. We’ll see how much free time I have on my hands…

I ordered some cuties from Scale 75, Rafter and Octopiti, and I had a bit of an epiphany while I was planning them out. They reminded me of the octopi from the Penguins of Madagascar movie, which you should totally check it. It is hilarious. But anyways, they had angry eyebrows a lot, and I was looking at those chibi eyes, and I realized how much emotion and expression you could get out of them! So I tried a different thing with each one, and I think it works so well!!

Don’t you agree?! Those giant eyes lend themselves so easily to making the expression whatever you want! I think they’re adorable… So I’m working on some sort of vignette-like scene for them to be displayed on… Still thinking how that will work.

I also started on my planned (as of right now) reaper piece. I have had so many bones, and so many reaper minis that I didn’t know which one to do. But, then I ran across these guys, and I think they might be it.

He’s a goblin pirate and his powder monkey!!!! I think they’re adorable. I’m not sure if I’m in love with the green skin, I may change it up. But either way, I ordered a new green stuff world roller today so I can make them a ship-deck base. The money is almost done. I need to cut him off his base and clean up his fur, but otherwise I’m calling him done.

The last thing for today involves the Hubs being awesome. I saw on the reaper FB a post about a lego brush holder. When I showed it to him, he made me one that is even better (for me, kudos to you, other guy) and I love it! I’m taking it to reapercon because it is so nice and compact!

20161002_184136.jpgThat’s pretty much all my excitement at this point. I’m gonna work on these guys (and the zombie cheerleaders are gonna take a simple green bath and start over), and see what else I can get done in time!

Let me know if you love or hate anything!



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