Darksword Reapercon entry 

Hey there! I finished another one! Reapercon looks on the horizon, and my time to work on things dwindles. I finished up this guy last night. He’s a reapercon wizard summoning the undead! Whoohoo! 

I’m gonna call it High Five or Simon Says. Cast your vote. 

I did make a few post-pictures adjustments, like evening out the weathering here or there and vanishing the bottom of the best. But I wanted to get him up here, so here he is! 

I think I need to hit that gravestone with one more wash or two as well, we’ll see. I’m putting him in the case now so I don’t mess with him or mess him up. Gotta keep moving! 

I hope y’all like him. I was really working on textures with him. His cloak and robes are both tone on tone damask, and I tried to make the inside of the cloak look leather-lined. 

Well, tell me what you think! 

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