Anime-inspired exchange and Kingdom Death

Hello there!

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary! As such, I’ve spent the day cleaning for our big party tomorrow! 😉 The great news is that the Hubs got cleared to walk with his boot yesterday! Yay!!! No more crutches! We’re very excited.

Anyways, painting. I finished the Seraphon to a ‘good enough’ standard, so now I’m onto the Khorne starter set. The Hubs is taking a break from the Stormcast to start on his new ghoul horde. (He had a bit of a norco moment, ordered about $200 of new ghouls while on pain meds… lol. I should have set him loose on the reaper site..) So we had a few days of just sitting and painting with each other. Also, we watched Brickleberry (another norco purchase… thank God we’re off pain meds!!) which is pretty funny. It’s terrible, and totally NSFW, but it’s pretty good. During that time, I got started on, and subsequently finished, my exchange mini. Here she is!

She is a little gnome with a giant sword. Can’t tell we just finished watching Sword Art Online, can you? 🙂 Speaking of that, I really liked it! We haven’t watched the second one yet, but I really enjoyed it. Reminded me of our old WOW days. 🙂

I also got started on a new Kingdom Death mini, so now I have 2 in progress.

I’m still working on her skin, this is just the first set of highlights and shadows going on her. I think her green has started out really well, and I’m gonna keep working on squeezing those highlights and shadows all over. I’m planning on having at least one mini from each Bombshell, Reaper, Kingdom Death, and Dark Sword for the Reapercon competitions this year. And my little Bartholomew, of course. I also have a roomie all lined up, so I’m super excited about that! I bought 2 new Rcon shirts, and got my classes all paid for…. So close!

Anyways, I have a party to get ready for tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed the update, more to come as soon as I can stop to paint here soon!!



3 thoughts on “Anime-inspired exchange and Kingdom Death

  1. I think so, but we haven’t decided on the weekend. It’ll probably be the weekend before or after Thanksgiving. Are y’all ambassadors again this year?

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