Warhammer progress!

First off, go back Basius... I want goodies and I want them NOW!


Second. We’re working on more warhammer! The Hubs had his foot surgery, so we did some Norco shopping. 😉 The Silver Throne, a tablet, and lap desks later we were having a great time!

I started working on some of my Seraphon, and they’re awesome! The Hubs is working on his Stormcast, and then we’re planning on knocking out the Khorne, followed by the Silver Throne minis. Needless to say, any other painting for leisure has been put on hold. 😉


Basecoats are all down, gotta get some more layers and pieces put on. I don’t like to paint things all the way assembled, so it takes a little longer. On big squads I assemble more than usual, but it’s still not all together.

We bought the additional heroes for the Silver Throne when we bought the starter set, so I got started on the Knight Venator for the Hubs. He’s looking pretty awesome! (Sorry about the awful pic quality.. gotta make my final pics look good somehow!)20160715_130244.jpg20160715_181721.jpg20160715_181729.jpg

The Hubs wants the star hawk to look like a galaxy, so I’m working on that. I have a few more ideas on where to go from here, but he’s definitely not done yet.

I’m hoping to get some more painting done tonight, and definitely next weekend when I’m off… Let me know what you think!



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