So! Hey there! We just got back from vacation, and I leave again tomorrow! July is crazy!

We went to Enchanted Rock, which is a giant rose quartz rock. Like giant. It’s a mountainy thing. It was super cool, and we climbed to the top!20160701_190335.jpg

It was nice to just get away and rough it for a few days. We spent 2 days there, and then we went to Fredericksburg. I love that place. They have wine and german food and more wine! We shopped til we dropped, then we swam. Then we took a road trip during our road trip to drive around all the really cool hill-country areas that are up there. If you know somebody with a motorcycle, they are probably familiar with the Twisted Sisters, and those are some of the roads we went on. After all that, we found a really awesome gaming store in Austin. Alright, fair warning… I’m about to go on a rant.

Rant starting…

I kind of hate games workshop stores. One, there are none within an hour of me. Two, they have the most cake, better than bankers’ hours ever. Three, I have never felt welcome in one. I always feel like an outsider, and they’re not sure if they’re going to let me stay or not. Like, maybe they’re gonna not take my money. It makes buying GW minis very difficult, or very time-consuming.

Rant over…

So, that being said, we wanted to play Age of Sigmar. And we didn’t have any way to get said minis without ordering them online. Then we found the Dragon’s Lair in Austin. It is literally everything I have ever wanted a gaming store to be. They even had a super cute summer camp going on for all these little bitties. They were between like 3 and 6 and they were adorable. Go check them out. So, we got all our Age of Sigmar stuff we needed to get started!20160705_121342.jpg20160705_121328.jpg

We decided to go with the starter box, since it has a Khorne unit and the Stormcast as well. Then I couldn’t live without the Seraphon, so we got their starter set as well. Our plan is to have a few different starter armies painted and ready to go, and do small skirmishes first.

This will also allow us to bring new people in to the game more easily. We regularly host D&D, but we kind of need a bit of a change. We also have game nights where we play Cards Against Humanity, or Struggle/Settlers of Catan, and we have been looking for more things to play. That brings me to my next thing….

Kickstarters! I have 2 different board game kickstarters I’m waiting on fulfillment…. Middara and Rum and Bones 2. So that precluded me from buying the Warhammer board game. (Also, one of our buddies already has it and he brought it over, so we could play that any time.) I also wanted to bring your attention to the Basius 3 kickstarter. I finally decided to back them, as I’ve wanted their stamps for a long time. This one finally got me because the stamps are significantly smaller. Go check it out, and see if it’s for you. I think they are a great value, and they will also encourage me to up my greenstuff game.

Alright, I think that’s all for today. We’re planning on painting tonight when I get home, then I work, and then I leave for Vegas tomorrow! See y’all soon!



4 thoughts on “Warhammer?!

  1. Sounds like a good trip. We started making an annual trip to the Hill Country just to buy wine. We generally stay at Inks Lake State Park or Pedernales Falls State Park. The next time y’all are in the area, I highly recommend visiting Flat Creek Enoteca in Marble Falls. It is a Flat Creek Estate tasting room. On Thursday night they do a fantastic wine pairing dinner, and on the weekends they do brick oven pizza and live music.

    Dragon’s Lair is a great game store. I always stop there and Austin Books and Comics whenever I’m in town. Glad you found a good alternative to a GW store; they do have the weirdest vibes.


    1. We’ll definitely have to try that place out! We love marble falls since they have a jeep adventure Park!
      My husband used to own a game store (before we were married) and it was never weird to go into. For some reason, the GW stores are always weird. We have gone to 3 or 4, ans they never greet us when we walk in, and never treat us like they care if we ever come back. Dragon’s Lair was everything I wanted in a store. We will definitely be back!


      1. Maybe it’s just the difference between a corporation versus a “Mom & Pop” shop. The redshirts in a GW store don’t actually care about your experience in the store. They have no ownership or buy-in. I stopped in a GW store in Edinburgh several years ago, thinking it’d be different in the UK. It wasn’t. Warhammer World and Bugman’s Bar are still on my bucket list to visit, though. There must be at least one really cool GW store in the world.


  2. Wow! I had to read your post twice to catch all the fun you have planned. Okay, I admit I used Google to look up all the games you mentioned. I cannot wait to see the figurines. Have fun in Vegas!

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