Tiamat practice

After OneBoot reminded me about my agreement to participate in the 5 heads in 5 days challenge on the reaper forums,  I had to make an addition to my pledge for bones 3! This challenge is to paint Ma’aldrakar (or Tianot) in 5 days, with nothing bugger than a size 0 brush. It’s ridiculous. But I’m excited to try it out!
I plan on doing a classic paint job.  Like this:


I don’t have the big guy yet, but I do have a bones hydra that I haven’t painted yet. I had intended to paint him like an alligator, but I changed my mind!
So, first, the initial color.


Then, on to basecoating!


Going to do a red body, with different color heads. This guy doesn’t have wings, but the big one will have red wings as well.


Yay! Colors!


That’s it for now! Had d&d all day, but I plan to work on him some more this week before I start back to school on the 23rd.
Oh! I also finished up a cute little halfling pirate!



Isn’t he cute? Just a quick little speed paint to have something that I actually finished for once. ☺
Hope y’all enjoyed the update! More soon!


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