Layout, Layout, Layout

Or orientation, whatever word you want to use. The point is, how do I organize this to  make the best image?!

I’ve got a couple different pictures of different ideas I have had. The only thing that has to stay where it is is the bookshelf. But I could start on a different one. I bought 2 of the bookshelf and the plinth, so there’s that.

Which one do you like? Which one do you hate? Any ideas are helpful!!



Maybe add a summoning circle to the middle empty space?


I don’t love any of them. I’m trying them with and without the pillow, with and without some of the ‘stuff’, and then I’m going to just throw it all out and try again.:( I may try one with just the demon and a small stack of books…

Actually….be right back..



He won’t fit with his little pillow, but he fits by himself. Thoughts?



4 thoughts on “Layout, Layout, Layout

  1. I like the first large one and the first small one. The piece missing from both to make them POP are pages. If the ground were littered with loose pages (not fully covered but enough to give dynamic variety) it would tie the books together and make the pinth blend in more.

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  2. To repeat myself, amazing work, my dear!
    I will split my comments between the larger and smaller bases.
    Larger base, the 3rd and 4th photos from the top. My reasoning for the third is I really like how you have it arranged. My eye was first drawn to the board of bones, then the reader. In the fourth arrangement, I think you could also place a small votive there and really give it dimension.
    Using the smaller base, I like them all, but especially the one with the skull.
    These are really cool!

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