Archivist demon WIP 3

This guy is taking a while! But I want to take my time on him, and writing these wip posts seems to be motivating me.. ☺ sorry, y’all are stuck.
Next week should be a full painting week, the hubs will be in Michigan all week, so I’ll just have to take solace in ice cream and mini painting non-stop!
So, wet blending in a circle is a pain in the ass. Seriously. So I ended up glazing successive coats of Graveyard bone, walnut brown, and seraphim sepia. I think it took about 4 rounds or 12 coats of paint. But I think they turned out okay! Gonna do some more highlighting and shading, but I’m done for now.





He makes me happy with his little ugly face. Tell me what you think!


2 thoughts on “Archivist demon WIP 3

  1. Very nice horns. If you want to cheat before the wet blending, I paint stripes of dark, mid, and white around the horn and then blend up and down into each other. Just an easier start state for the same end result and it helps to keep the transitions lined-up.


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