Archivist demon WIP 2

Hey guys! I’m working on this little guy some more! He’s so full of detail, and I really wanted to add some other little touches to him. I was doing a bit of freehand on the books yesterday, I hope y’all like it!




Thars a one in grid for your scale. Now onto him!
I love his little chunky back. So cute.


Blank pages to write on.


I added a little bookmark and some more freehand.


He had eyes!


Highlighting on mouth and tongue, and I’m working on making his feet a little dirty.


So,  that’s my progress so far! I’m gonna work some more on setting up all the set dressing, but Hubs thinks it’s getting too big, so I may scale it back a bit. I don’t think that 18 books is too many. 😉
Let me know what you think!


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