Nothing new to report

I have 5 days off in 2 days. Seriously, I will get something painted! I’m working on my secret sophie gift thing, so I have to get that done. I spent some time working on my remorhaz. I’m planning on making him a bright pinky-purple with yellow and orangey belly scales. That way he can look like he’s glowing. Maybe. 😉 When I was looking online, it looks like they’re almost all a light blue kind of color, and I wanna do something different! I really do like this sculpt though, so I may end up buying another one to paint the more ‘traditional’ scheme.

I’m looking forward to the Reaper 12 days of Christmas! I’m planning on ordering on one of the surprise days. Hoping for something awesome!

So, all of the DiTerLizzi masterworks are posted now! The only problem I have now is that we originally needed 12 stirges for something, and they sell them in packs of 3 for $15. Not really economical in my books. Especially for something that we don’t use a ton. For example, I have over 20 kobold minis, but they were super cheap in bones, and we use them all consistently. So even if we did have to pay more for them, they would be worth it.

I’m still waiting for my Impact chibi minis. Just saying. Looks like I might get my Bombshell babes before I get these guys. On that note, I got my bombshell babes pledge all lined out, and I got a shirt too! I’m pretty excited to see them. I love the chick on the raptor so so so so so so so so much. I can’t wait for her.

Anyways, I’m gonna paint, and then I’ll update with some actual pictures! Thanks for reading even when I’m doing such a crap job of keeping this updated!!!






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