Painting time, yay!

I actually got to paint something! Yay!

So, here’s a quick recap before I show off. Last weekend was opening weekend of the Renaissance Festival. Yay!! That means that we are effectively out of town almost every weekend out of town. It’s amazingly fun, but it does eat up some time and effort. And a lot of my money. I have a bit of a problem… 😉

Then this weekend was the county fair and cookoff, which means we’re out there from Thursday until today, when we tear it all down. So we’ve eaten ALL THE BARBECUE for 3 days straight. Needless to say, I’m interested in vegetables now.

So, on top of all that, I’m starting my master’s program in February, and trying to get a new job (different department is all). In my attempts at that, I’m working on a presentation to teach an advanced skill and I want it to be perfect. I’m going to take all the pictures for it, and use none from the interwebs. That’s my plan.

Alright, minis!

IMG_1034 IMG_1037 IMG_1036 IMG_1040 IMG_1038

They’re so much fun! I’m really enjoying these more than I thought I would.

Anyways, I’m gonna work on some more stuff this week ( I hope!). Let me hear what you think!


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