Real Life… Overrated!

Did you know they make different kinds of textures for spray paint?! I didn’t!

So, I’ve been having a bit of a problem lately. I think it has to do with working so much and trying to still do all the ‘wife’ stuff.. but I have absolutely no motivation to paint. I have so much cool stuff to paint, and I have all kinds of new ideas, and I have all kinds of resources and tools, and no motivation. We always stop playing D&D for Renfest season, so maybe that’s it.

I just keep staring at all the stuff I ‘need’ to do, and think about the stuff I want to do, and then I just watch netflix. 🙂

I am getting a lot of stuff done.. It’s just not painting. Like, I finished the cross stitching part of the pillow I’m making for my friend. NSFW wording, just FYI…


I think it’s hilarious. And I know she’ll love it.

And I got all of our costume pieces oiled and ready for Renfest. Just because that doesn’t sound like a lot, I took pictures.

wpid-20150929_151105.jpg wpid-20150929_154401.jpg

And our boots too. That’s a lot of leather and steel to oil. and then we hang it all so it can absorb, and then I do it again.

So, Saturday is our induction to the TRF Royal Ambassadors. that’s exciting! Then the 10th is opening weekend. We’ll do that for the next 2 months. The good part about that is that I’ll only work 3 days a week during the festival. Otherwise, nothing would get done around here. Our tent came in today, so that’s cool too!

Anyways, I didn’t die or anything. I’m just having trouble painting. I’ll work on something tonight I think. Hope to have another, happier update soon!


2 thoughts on “Real Life… Overrated!

  1. Wow, you weren’t kidding. That’s a lot of leather. You shouldn’t be too hard to spot at TRF. I’ve heard of the Royal Ambassadors, but would love to get the inside scoop (unless it’s like Fight Club). Do y’all have a specific section of the grounds you hang around, or do you wander freely? It also sounds like y’all will be camping on the grounds. I’m curious to get the scoop on that, as well. I’ve always envisioned it to be like a hippie compound with constant bonfires and drum circles. Sort of a cross between Woodstock and a European hostel.

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    1. Haha! The ambassador thing is brand new so it’s pretty informal right now. We meet at 3pm on Saturdays at the sea devil, but who doesn’t. 😉
      The camping is a great time. It’s kind of like you’re imagining, with techno blaring in some spots. Generally it’s a great time, and we’ve never had any real problems. No theft or anything like that. A bunch of drunk idiots running around, but it’s a ton of fun.
      We’ll be out there next weekend, Halloween weekend, Highland fling, and the last weekend for sure. Hit me up and we’ll meet up!


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