A change of pace

So,  I have 2 days off (today and tomorrow), so I have to get sick. That’s how it works.
Last night, my throat was sore,  and I had a headache. But whatever, right? I mean,  my throat wasn’t red or covered in pus pockets, no cough, no fever, so it’s viral pharyngitis. Which means life just sucks until it doesn’t. Bleh.
So, since I’m too fatigued to sit at my desk,  I decided to start on another project that I need to work on. My friend has a friend that is turning 40 this year, and she wanted me to make her a fun,  cross-stitched throw pillow! There’s a 3 line quote, but you have to start in the middle so it doesn’t end up all goofy. So,  the line that’s done is the middle line of the phrase.


Got all my goodies together, and I got started! Then I realized that I didn’t have any black embroidery floss! Gah! After a quick hobby lobby trip (it is literally 2 miles from my house…. It’s a problem.), I was actually ready to start. There were a few naps, some baths, eating lunch, and movie breaks, but I got to here tonight!


It really makes me happy. I’m going to make the throw pillow with some Toile fabric, and maybe an additional cross-stitched fleur-de-lis.
Hope Y’all like it!


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