Continued progress!

So, I’m still working on my exchange girl. I am calling her painting done until I get her base constructed. What u want is for her to be walking out of a set of saloon doors. So I went to hobby lobby and this is what I found!


Supposed to be shutters for a doll house. But with a few cuts,  it’ll work!




So far,  it’s coming along. Obviously I have a long way to go,  but I know where I’m headed.
The next thing I started is for an exchange at work.  One of the medics I work with does fantastic line drawings, and I want one. So I offered to trade him a mini. And he wanted a barbarian. So I’m working on a really great one I picked up at reapercon.




I think I’m actually starting to get skin. It’s not perfect, but I’m getting much further with much less effort that before.



I love him. I’ve gotta add his arms, his quiver,  and the lion’s tail, but he’s coming along nicely! Hopefully I can paint again tonight.
Off to the salt mines!!


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